10 Most Trusted Door Lock Brands

Locks are not graded based on a popularity contest. Grading of locks is based on the level of security they offer. A lock should also not be virtually indestructible that you lock yourself out and the only way in is through the chimney neither should be so easy to pick that a YouTube tutorial will get the job done.

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There is no lock which is free of weakness. Here is the list of top 10 most trusted door lock brands:

  1. Assa-Abloy: This is the parent company which manufactures locks under Medeo, Corbin Russwin, Yale and Mul-T-Lock- all of which are highly trusted lock brands. They also possess the expertise to custom build locks.
  2. Abus: Abus is short for August Bremicjer Sohne KG, a German locksmith which has been a key player since 1924. Since its inception, the company specializes in manufacturing padlocks. The constant improvement in the quality of build maintains the high regard that consumers hold for this brand. There are two subsidiary companies- Security Center and Schließanlagen GmbH Pfaffenhain.
  3. Medeco: Medeco is synonymous with best locks. These locks carry a high claim of being extremely hard to pick. The latest locks are not as sturdy as the older models, but the public’s trust in this brand still stands strong.
  4. RR Brink: You’ve got to trust a brand that makes prison locks. If you want to secure your house and ensure that no one opens it, you need the locks from RR Brink.
  5. Mul-T-Lock: Locks from Mul-T-Lock are easily recognizable thanks to their catchy advertisement. The secure locks are ideal for domestic use. These locks are highly recommended by locksmiths. One product that established the brand is the four-way door lock system which first hit the market in 1973. After a decade, the company branched out into manufacturing steel doors, vehicle protection, accessories, locks and cylinders.
  6. Corbin Russwin: The Corbin group was established in 1840’s and grew in popularity for making horn knobs and ox balls. With time, the company began making locks. With the merge of Russwin, it was rechristened to American Hardware only to be renamed Corbin Russwin. The locks are reliable but need replacement after a few years.
  7. Yale: Yale is a subsidiary of Assa Abloy. The company based out of Connecticut is famous for its pin tumbler system. The range of locks produced by this company includes warded locks, medium security lever lock cylinders, electronic locks and padlocks for commercial and residential buildings.
  8. CISA: A popular lock brand in Europe, CISA is slowly entering the global market. Available in over 70 countries, the Italian lock manufacturer is renowned for its locking sectors and access control. CISA is also credited as the first company which patented an electric lock (1926).
  9. Schlage: These locks are a common sight at most home improvement stores. Rated a tad higher over Kwikset, Schlage locks are manufactured using the lowest possible options.
  10. Kwikset: A popular lock brand owned by Spectrum Brands, Kwikset is an ideal budget security system. The locks are available in gradations. As the price increases so does the level of security offered.

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