A Few Helpful Tips on What to Do When You Are Locked Out of Your Car

What to Do When You Are Locked Out of Your Car

What to do When you are Locked Out of your Car? Finding yourself locked out of your own car (or someone else’s car, for that matter) can be a very frustrating ordeal. It becomes even more frustrating when you really have to go somewhere, and it can get equally embarrassing if you are in a public parking space and you do not have any idea on how to break into your own car.

No matter how frustrating the situation is for you, do not break the windows of your car. This will just result in a bigger and messier problem that you would have to pay for afterwards. So just try to stay calm. Calling a locksmith, like a locksmith Cranston RI, to deal with the situation is the best way to go in these kinds of situations. Most locksmith companies offer round the clock serviced that can get you into your car in just a few minutes.

However, before hiring a locksmith to unlock your door, first you must try getting into your car on your own. So, what would you do if ever you find yourself locked out of a car, be it your own or a car that you leased or borrowed? In this article, we have listed a few tips on what to do whenever this sticky situation arises.

Check If you have Spare Keys

If you have a habit of losing your keys or locking yourself out of your car, you might want to consider keeping a spare key somewhere. You can have a locksmith in Cranston RI make you a spare automobile key for your car. It is recommended that you hand this spare key to someone you can easily call whenever you need to get into your car immediately.

If you do not Own the Car, Call the Owner

If you have borrowed the car or leased it from a car lending company, it is best to call up the owners and tell them about the situation that you are in. It is just common courtesy. Ask the owners or the company about what you should do. The owners may have a spare key with them, and a car company can send you a professional locksmith if they offer it as one of their services.

If they do not have a spare key or a backup plan in case of a car lock-out, ask them to give you their consent to call a 24-hour professional locksmith service, such as some locksmiths in Cranston RI. Calling a locksmith will result in less to no damage to the car that you borrowed.

Try to Unlock the Car on your Own

If all else fails, you may attempt to open the car door on your own.

There are many ways to open a car door without a key—one of the ways is to pry open you window with a thin wedge-shaped rod. Once you have pried it open, you can take a clothes hanger and use the hook to turn the car’s lock.

Only do this if you own the car and if you can pay for the damage that you may inflict on your car. If you can’t, call a locksmith, such as one with the abilities of those car locksmiths in Cranston RI, to open your car door for you in just a few minutes.

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