State Requirements for Working as a Locksmith in Henderson NV


A locksmith is a highly sensitive job, as you are dealing with people’s security, and these people depend on a locksmith when they are vulnerable. Over the years, this profession has gained popularity and with that, there are many unlicensed locksmiths in Henderson NV. It is, therefore, important that locksmiths are regulated and monitored in some way, to ensure that your security is in safe hands. In Henderson, a Locksmith is required to maintain some basic standards including having a licence and work card.


Companies, which offer locksmith services must receive a licence in order to operate. These licences are required by Nevada State Law. Discount Locksmith Henderson NV guarantees that all our locksmiths are state licensed. Licences need to be renewed annually.

Work Cards

Each locksmith is required to have a work card, which is also known as a sheriff card. In order to begin the application process, the locksmith applicant should have the right credentials and skills for the job. Before they receive this card, the county sheriff does a thorough background check and investigation of all applicants, and they are then issued with a permit. The permit is valid for 120 days and should any discrepancies be found in the background check, then the work card is revoked. As part of the background check, the county sheriff will check fingerprints and take photographs. If their background is clean, a work card is issued. Work cards are valid for up to 5 years before they need to be renewed.


In addition to the basic requirements of having a license or work card, a locksmith in Henderson NV can also get some insurance. This will protect them from any damage that may occur to doors or windows when locks are being installed.


Before you pick up your phone and call a locksmith, make sure that you are dealing with a licensed company like Discount Locksmith Henderson NV. You are assured of services from a qualified and experienced locksmith, and a high measure of personal security for your premises.


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