Why is Lock Rekeying Your House Important?

Why is Lock Rekeying Your House Important?

What Does Lock Rekeying Mean?

Professional locksmith companies, such as Discount locksmiths Las Vegas , often have rekeying services listed in their arsenal of products and services offered. In this article we will answer questions about lock rekeying, such as: what exactly is rekeying, and what should happen for you to get the need to rekey your lock? Also, what are the reasons why locksmiths offer this in their list of services? Can you rekey your locks on your own?

Rekeying, basically, is the process in which a licensed locksmith, such as those locksmith in Las Vegas, alters a lock so that only new keys can operate it. In a nutshell, a locksmith can rekey your locks by changing the wafer configuration or the tumbler of the lock; this way, only new keys will work, and old ones can no longer have access to the lock.

Lock rekeying is different from changing the locks on your door. The difference between them is that lock rekeying alters just parts of the lock from the inside while changing the lock would mean that you will throw away the entirety of your lock and install a new unit as a replacement. Lock rekeying, then, is much cheaper than buying a new lock and replacing your old lock.

Why Should I Rekey My Lock?

Why is Lock Rekeying Your House Important? There are many situations that will require you to hire a professional locksmith service to rekey your lock, and most of these include security reasons.

Some customers of locksmith Las Vegas often need lock rekeying services after a burglar breaks into their house. And also, some customers of locksmiths NV hire them for lock rekeying services if they have just moved into a new home. Other situations that may require you to rekey your lock are when you lose your keys, or if someone steals them; when you move into a new place that has had previous owners; or when you want to have a master key, a key that fits all of the locks in your home or business.

Lock rekeying is important because, as in the cases stated above, the security of your home or business is at stake. After a burglary, for example, it is essential to lock rekey your house just in case the thieves got a copy of your spare key from under your doormat or in a flower pot. It is also important to rekey a house that you have just moved into, especially if it was previously owned. Why? Because you do not know who holds duplicates of the keys to your doors, and these could lead to a lapse in the security of your home. If you have lost your keys or if they have been stolen from you, this can give anyone who holds your keys an access to your home or business. Lastly, rekeying also means that you can ask professional locksmiths, like Las Veagas locksmiths, to make a lock that can be opened by one single key.

As I have said before, lock rekeying is a much cheaper alternative to replacing an entire lock with a new one. Rekeying is done when the lock is still in good condition but the situation requires you to change it. It is also faster to hire locksmiths to rekey your house instead of replacing each lock with a new one individually.

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